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(MWT-S3) Michael Martin (TPE: 76)

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Name: Michael Martin
Nickname: None
Birthdate: 9/27
Country: USA
Division: Middleweight
Referred By: NSFL
Choose two general tactics: Uses Elbows on Ground, Uses Stomps
Clinch Striking: Thai Clinch
Clinch Takedown: Wrestling
Submissions: Easy
Home Gym (determines strengths): TBD
Fighting Style (determines weakness): Kickboxing

Punches 4/20
Kicks 4/20
Clinch 4/20
Clinch Grappling 4/20
Takedown 4/20

Ground 'N Pound 4/20
Ground Game 4/20
Submissions 4/20

Dodging 4/20
Takedown Defense 4/20
Submission Defense 4/20

Strength 4/20
Agility 4/20
Conditioning 4/20
Toughness 4/20
KO Resistance 4/20

Heart 4/20
Control 4/20
Aggressiveness 4/20

Total TPE: 0

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