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Strategy Template

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Fighter Name:

Fight Style (Choose One): Very Defensive / Defensive / Neutral / Aggressive / Very Aggressive

Dirty Fighting (Choose One): Clean Fighter / Occasional Fouls / Dirty Fighter

Fancy Punches (Choose One): Never / Sometimes / Alot

Fancy Kicks (Choose One): Never / Sometimes / Alot

Fancy Submissions (Choose One): Never / Sometimes / Alot

Tactical Style (Choose One): All Power / Some Power / Balanced / Some Technique / All Technique


General Strategy (Must Equal 100)

Punching: 25

Kicking: 25

Clinching: 25

Takedowns: 25


Ground Strategy (Must Equal 100)

Ground N Pound: 20

Submission: 20

Positioning: 20

Lay N Pray: 20

Get to Feet: 20


Clinching Strategy (Must Equal 100)

Dirty Boxing: 25

Thai Clinching: 25

Take Downs: 25

Avoid Clinch: 25


*** Copy and Paste the template into your own created thread.  Once signed your strategy thread will be moved into your gym where only you and your gym can view.  Once you make an update be sure to reply within your thread that it is updated and then the simmer will know to update your fight strategy and will reply 'Updated' to ensure users that the sim was updated before every fight.

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