Kiko On O’Bigbers Matchup


On Thursday night, the SFC will take its first step in what many believe will become a long, storied promotion. For the fighters on it’s card, it’s not only an opportunity to be etched into the history of the Simulation Fighting Championship, or be the answer to a future trivia question, but an opportunity to begin their journey on the right foot.

For Kiki Ka’ana’ana, it’s an opportunity to do what he does best, compete.

“I’m excited to get in the ring and compete,” said Ka’ana’ana at Wednesday pre-fight press conference. “If you are not excited to do this thing we all get to do for a living, and to challenge yourself, what do you get excited about.?”

When asked about his strategy against Killian O’Bigbers, the Lightweight divisions toughest early out, Kiko expressed gratitude for the early contest saying “We all want to fight at the highest level. Nobody wants to fight a lesser opponent, so I’m happy to fight the best in our division, immediately. I have nothing but respect for KO. He’s a tremendous talent.”

And when asked to elaborate on his strategy, Kiko got a chuckle.

“Try not to get knocked out?”

Easy said than done.

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  • Lime
    18 October 2020 at 11:03 pm

    I know Bigbers. You gonna have to train hard to have a chance against him.

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