Dom Mazzetti Dominates in First Bout

In his first amateur fight Dom Mazzetti set the tone for his career as a professional fighter. Starting out very aggressive and looking to control the center of the cage he kept the fight up-tempo from beginning to end. The fighters remained on their feet for both rounds before it was stopped by TKO in the second. Mazzetti’s flurries of kicks and punches kept his opponent off guard the entire fight. While his opponent was gassed early in the first round Mazzetti’s superior physical condition had him pushing forward easily throughout the fight.

The message sent from this fight was clear: If you want to beat Dom you will have to do it on his terms and you better be prepared to fight at 100% for all 15 minutes. Playing it safe or waiting to exploit a weakness will do you no favors as he is going to consistently hammer you with strikes to interrupt your plans.

AFC Media

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