Heikki Alme victorious in debut

Heikki Alme made his debut in SFC last night in the fight against Ren Ou Yang. Alme was clearly the smaller of the two, but the 6´5 and 235 lbs fighter from Finland was victorious at the end. Alme looked better right away from the start, he was more aggressive and almost dominated the fight at times. Yang who many considered to be the favorite before the fight could not use his 6´9 and 265 lbs frame and the size difference to his advantage. Were Alme and his fight plan just too much for Yang? Or did the preparation go wrong somehow, which resulted in a fairly one sided battle? We don’t know.

After the fight, Alme was pleased.

”You never know what you get when you go one vs one in the octagon, but before the fight I was confident despite facing a monumental challenge of going against this Godzilla looking motherfucker, I and my team worked hard to get ready and we were ready, I take this win and move towards the next fight.”

AFC Media

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