The Gate Keeper Collects Another Body For His Collection


One minute and two seconds in the first round of Nate “The Gate Keeper” Ozuma’s first professional bout, he unleashed an uppercut heard around the world to the chin of fellow middleweight contender Fitted. The moment the blow hit his mark, it was at that moment where the electric bill was neglected to be paid. He falls near lifeless to the mat and with a bit of a shrug, Ozuma lifts his right hand in victory because it was at this moment, he knew that he was ready for primetime and he slammed the Gate closed in his face with reckless abandon.

“Honestly, I expected it to last a bit longer. Fitted is obviously a step up in competition from what I faced in the exhibition fights but hey, it is what it is.”

Nate appears to be one of the front runners to be the first SFC Middleweight champion but it appears that he is working on keeping his composure with him as he prepares for fight #2.

“I got high expectations for sure but its clear that I still have work to do on my end. Currently working on making sure I’m as well rounded as I possibly can to be the best. The hard work won’t come after fight #1 or fight #15. Just gotta keep getting better and the results will prove it in the ring. Stay tuned.”

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