They Don’t Know

Wednesday night can’t come soon enough. I think the association has seen what I can do and how dangerous I can be. Two amateur fights and two dominations. Definitely disappointed that I couldn’t finish out the second fight… but I just carried it to the end. You can practice for every fight being a first round knock out, you need to work the lungs a tad.

Definitely feeling ready for the ride. I will be ready for a steep increase in terms of talent this next fight. Both strategy and training is going to be key. Biggest question mark is technically going to be just who am I going to be going toe to toe with. No doubt in my mind do I feel like I’m in the potential title fight discussion and will continue to train as such. You don’t get many opportunities and I’m going to treat it as a once in a life time.

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  • Lime
    5 October 2020 at 8:38 pm

    It might be the only thing in your lifetime if you go up against me

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