Career Task

Within the SFC, you will have the ability to complete six career tasks. They are meant to build not only your backstory of your career, but also give you small boosts of TPE that are immediately deposited into your account upon completion. Please note that you allowed to complete every career task once and each will unlock throughout your career.

  1. The Mats – An emerging amateur fighter. Provide an introduction to your fighting career. (Available upon Creation) – 250 Words
  2. The Lights – You have just completed your four amateur fights. Ups? Downs? Give us a glimpse into the thoughts leading up to your first professional fight. (Available following your last amateur fight and once you sign your first contract with an SFC gym) – 250 Words
  3. The Expectations – Your first year as a professional fight is over already! What are your expectations as your continue to gain momentum? (Available following your first year as a professional fighter) – 250 Words
  4. The Hype – Build your brand. Tell us about your fighter. What song do you walk out to? Who is part of your entourage? (Available following your third year in the SFC) – 250 Words
  5. The Reel – Take a walk down memory lane. What is your most memorable fight? (Available following your seventh year) – 150 Words
  6. The Darkness – The lights go out. You left it all inside the cage and now look back on a career of hard work, blood and sweat. Now is the time to leave a chapter behind so that your legend lives on. (Available following retirement) – 500 Words

Please be sure to fill out each field accordingly by choosing the correct Career Task in the ‘Tag Field’ and by selecting “Career Task” in the ‘Catagory’ drop down.

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