A Legacy to Build

Leon Athanasios grew up a brawler. While the lad was never particularly strong, the one thing he had were smarts. Growing up in Athens, life wasn’t terrible – he had enough to get by. But in an affluent area and going to an affluent school, Leon faced challenges and adversity in the form of his peers.

Enter Muay Thai and the world of fighting. Athanasios seeked out a hobby, having grown up loving UFC fights and other MMA fights around the world. With the intelligence the boy had, he figured picking up Muay Thai, one of the most difficult styles to master, would be a worthy challenge. He sought out a nearby gym, one that was owned by Muay Thai legend Samart Payakaroon – one of the most respected fighters of the style. He trained diligently, and slowly built up his strengths, technique, and smarts – putting together a lethal package that he now hopes to unleash upon the SFC.

He knows that the road ahead will be difficult, especially in a brand new league that looks to bring in a new audience, competing with the lights and fame of the UFC. But Athanasios knows what it means to persevere, and to do what it takes regardless of the cost, to achieve success. Having yet to fight in a true competitive match, it will certainly be difficult. Raw talent and refined skill can only go so far against experienced veterans. But Athanasios will try, and compete until he can’t anymore.

The Greek Freak is here to lay carnage.

Career Tasks

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