Alme – heavyweight from Finland.

Heikki Alme is a man of the streets who does not go out looking for trouble, but still somehow trouble finds him. His first fight took place in the school playground at the age of ten when Alme challenged a substitute teacher to a fight after the teacher made fun of Alme for being a slow reader during class. Alme kicked the shit out of the substitute teacher who was too embarrassed to tell anyone. After that Alme was known as someone who can fight, he used to spend every weekend around town, and usually someone wanted to have a go at him. As Alme grew older the streets was starting to be a thing of the past and he decided to start boxing just as a hobby, but he quickly fell in love with the sport.

Despite taking part in numerous street fights over the years, Alme has never fought in an official match before. In Finland, Heikki was still mostly working on his boxing skills before going after the opportunity to fight in the SFC.

Fair to say that Alme is not a typical SFC fighter who knows a little bit about everything, no, Heikki Alme as a fighter likes to stay on his feet and make sure the fight is decided while standing up as Alme likes to use his power and reach to make damage. Traditional heavyweight boxer in a way. He only needs one heavy punch of his to connect and he can beat everybody.

A clear weakness for Alme at this point of his career is on the mat, he is a below-average wrestler technically, the same goes for submissions and in general on the tactical side of fighting.

Alme has potential to be a SFC fighter but he still needs a lot of work.

Career Tasks
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