Dom Mazzetti Training For MMA Debut


Dom Mazzetti, famous YouTube star, has decided to put down the camera and pick up some gloves as he begins training for a new career as a MMA fighter in the SFC. Mazzetti has no formal background in fighting, and has done videos working with fighters before where he was, well where he was terrible. However he has decided to put forth full effort with his SFC training.

Mazzetti has been training in secret for months with an unknown karate grandmaster as well as some previous UFC fighters. When asked why he chose the Karate path Mazzetti’s answer was simple: “Headbands are awesome.” We aren’t sure if he is serious about that being his reason or not. However his style is described as being very fast and physical and he is expecting to perform equally well standing up as well as grappling.

Time will tell if Dom will be able to handle his own against more experienced and younger fighters in this upstart MMA league. His background in fitness gives him a slight edge and it is expected that his strength and endurance will be a strong suit of his. But against faster and more technical fighters he might struggle.

This hasn’t stopped him from beginning to hype up his career however. Dom is already out on social media talking about his future opponents and how quickly he expects to beat them all in the ring. The fans and other fighters alike will be excited to see what comes of Mazzetti for his first fight which we expect should be announced soon.

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  • Hydracronis
    29 September 2020 at 8:07 pm

    Rooting for Mazzetti going forward

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