From The Gridiron To The Octagon


Following the surprising announcement that Water Chestnut III would be retiring from professional football, many wondered what prompted the young phenom to give up the sport he loved altogether. “To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t thrilled with the direction the ISFL was headed, having just expanded 3 seasons prior, and the writing was on the wall that there wasn’t going to be enough spots for San Jose to protect me. They’ve got a great young squad & the numbers just didn’t add up, but my heart belongs there & I wasn’t about to start over with an expansion team.”, the 23 year old explained.

So what did this mean for his future? We found out about a week ago as the former defensive lineman registered to compete in the Simulation Fight Championships. That’s quite a change of pace, now, isn’t it? We caught up with him to find out what brought about this sudden change of direction. “MMA has been something that’s interested me for quite some time & let’s be real, I’ve made a living basically wrestling 300 pound oafs on the football field anyway. How hard could it be?”. I guess it remains to be seen if his strength & determination from in the trenches will translate to the octagon, but the former Ultimus champ should certainly be an interesting watch as his new career gets underway. Rumor has it that he’s already dropped as many as 35 pounds off of his playing weight to qualify for the heavyweight division of the SFC.

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  • timeconsumer
    12 October 2020 at 11:17 am

    I’m not sure you’ll be able to fail your way to the top like SJS did though

  • Lime
    18 October 2020 at 11:02 pm

    This is no place for a weak little football kid.

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