Hello, I am Saitama. I don’t really like to write about myself much. I live in Z-City. I decided to become a hero and trained for a while. Now I fight monsters sometimes. They can be kind of annoying though. There’s not always monsters so I enter fighting tournaments like this. I don’t do a lot of fancy tricks, because I can just knock someone out with one punch. I usually just let them wear themselves out and then flick them or something. I think the SFC will be a fun place to see new fighting styles and meet new friends. Hopefully they don’t get mad when I beat them. Maybe I could let them win? I probably shouldn’t say that here. I might skip some events to play video games. I get bored of fighting you know? King showed me this new game that I want to play. Oh. Fighting. Yeah I don’t really get on the ground. Its dirty down there and I don’t want to get dust on my suit. This thing is a pain to clean. I don’t really understand grappling. Just knock them out. I don’t play dirty either, that’s kinda lame. You gotta be honorable right? I don’t like to be rude. Some of my friends are joining the SFC, I don’t want them to get mad at me. It would be fun to fight them. I fought Genos a bunch of times and he still likes me I guess. Maybe he should join too.

Career Tasks

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