Introducing: Kiko Ka’ana’ana


The beauty of creating a new fighter in the SFC is the potential one has, before the TPE, before the builds, before the starts and before the fights. When everyone is 0-0. When everyone dreams of wrapping that championship belt around their waist and holding their hand high – at the peak of their division.

For Kiko Ka’ana’ana, those dreams are still alive. However, though I have my eyes set on a Lightweight championship, it’s the journey I will focus on this time. A newfound focus that has been 10 years in the making.

Ten years ago, using the same simulator, I created Gabriel Braga, a Light Heavyweight in the first MMA league I ever know, the AFC. The American Fighting Champions ran for 2 seasons in the original SSN. The hard-hitting, bruising LHW relied on his strong punching, ko resistance and conditioning to outbox opponents to a LHW title. But it took countless test sims to put together a build I felt comfortable. While the expectations were ever-present, the joy was not.

A couple of fighters later, almost a decade later, and I find myself back to the joy of it. Creating a fighter for the fun of creating something new and seeing how it works. Unafraid of losing. Unrestricted by the freedom that comes with being okay with a long journey to the top, and the lack of any promise that I’ll reach there.

I fight for the sport of it. When the final bell rings on my career, we’ll see what the judges say.

Career Tasks

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