Kiko Ka’an’ana On Two-Fight Amateurship


In the AFC, it’s about testing your chops against some of the best up and coming talent the SFC has to offer. For some, it’s a developmental ground, to try new strategies and to test new builds. For others, it’s a chance to build momentum headed into the ranks of the professional. Whether Lightweight Kiki Ka’ana’ana used the AFC in either fashion, the results of near-flawless 2-0 run in the Amateur Fighting Championships would say he’s reaped the benefit of both.

Two fights into his amateur career, heading into his first fight as an SFC Lightweight combatant, Kiki Ka’ana’ana has shown flashes of brilliance but may have already shown a bit of a weakness. Despite going two fights without taking any considerable damage, his most recent outing not taking a single point of damage, the lack of finishes have left some even in Kiko’s corner wondering if too much is being left in the Octagon.

“It’s still very early,” said Kiko, following his final AFC match before it was announced “Black Magic” would turn pro. “In this business, you are forged by the fire. Your successes strengthen you, but as much as your failures. For each misstep, or missed opportunity, there is room for growth. And it’s a long journey to the top.”

Since his foray into the amateur fighting scene, Ka’ana’ana has quickly made a name for himself, not just for his agility and tenacity on the ring, but for his kind demeanor and sporting approach to the industry. “If you give this sport more than it deserves, it will eat you alive. Happiness is balance.”

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