The Gate Keeper Has Arrived

“This isn’t my first rodeo being in the lights. Preparing for a fight where I control my own destiny. I’m ready to show the SFC that I’m the top dog here and the rest of the fighters better get in line.”

Nate Ozuma is much more known for his actions within a boxing ring. Becoming the Middleweight and Light Heavyweight champion in a short span of time. Before the league disbanded, he took one last fight to leave his lasting impression on the league. The Gate Keeper won in convincing fashion, a flash knockout early in the second round sends his opponent to the mat and there was no debate that he was the greatest boxer in SBC (Simulation Boxing Championship) History.

“Definitely one of the greatest moments of my life holding both championships and proving that I am the best in that ring. Only thing is that this is a whole new battle for me. I’ve ran some MMA for about a year but when the SFC opened up, I got the itch again. My time was cut short in boxing but I’ll be sure to make a lasting impression on the new world that is cage fighting. Just because I know how to throw a punch, doesn’t mean that it’s my only weapon in the artillery.”

It’s going to be interesting to see how the Zimbabwean native will take to the new environment but if it’s anything like how he is whenever there is an opponent in front of him, expect a lot of success and a lot of broken spirits and bodies in his wake.

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  • timeconsumer
    30 September 2020 at 1:32 pm

    Bet I could take a punch from him

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