The Move to Professional

After two very successful fights as an amateur Dom Mazzetti made the shift to become to professional fighter. He shocked the simulation fighting world as he became the first fighter to sign with a gym to do this. Mazzetti was approached by Oslo Masai to become a primary fighter for them and he agreed to join on a two year contract. Being a well rounded fighter this gym was a good fit with its strong focus on striking and raw power. As he continued too train and focus his energy for his new and improved competition his gym managers were carefully arranging his first bout.

It was arranged for Mazzetti to fight another well-rounded athlete in Leon Athanasios. While they both had been fighting for about the same time Athanasios expressed some concerns before the fight than Mazzetti appeared to be better prepared and he was unsure how that was possible. However with his opponent’s good conditioning and defensive style Mazzetti knew this bout was probably going to go the distance and he needed to do his best to impress the judges by controlling the fight through all the rounds.

When the day of the fight came it ended up much as Mazzetti had prepared for. His opponent proved very difficult to hit and while Mazzetti threw 65 punches in the fight he struggled to connect on many of them. Athanasios’ defensive gameplan might have been too conservative as he threw very few strikes the entire time and while he connected on a few strong hits it wasn’t enough to sway the judges votes by the end of Round 3 where Mazzetti won by unanimous decision. In his first time in the ring as a professional Mazzetti proved to be one of the best fighters in his weight class and an early favorite to contend for the middleweight title.

Career Tasks

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