Broxton Rematch

I don’t like how that fight went down. Decision is a weak way to win broski. I want to go until one of us gets knocked out, thats the only real way to win a fight. I want a rematch and I don’t want any rounds or clocks or nothing just put the both of us in that octagon and we go until there is a winner. No judges. I guarantee I’ll knock out whatever next dude I fight here. You know that. There’s not competition in this weak lightweight division except us. Fuck it I’ll fight a middleweight and knock them out too what are they gonna do about it? Give me another fight I can’t let this go. I’ve worked too hard to get matched up with the other little runts in here it aint even a fun fight. I just want a satisfying victory. Let’s run this again. You and me.

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  • Caboose
    24 October 2020 at 5:12 pm

    Lol interesting way to write an article but I like it

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