One Down

A few days after executing a flawless first fight against Swedish Lightweight Vida Nordstrom, Karim Dakari caught up with the media to give a breakdown on how he was feeling before, during and now after making his SFC debut.
“Going into things I think I felt comfortable, I’ve been fighting for a long time, coming into a new organization and slapping the professional tag on things doesn’t make a huge difference to me. Cashing a pay cheque might but being in the ring isn’t any different.
Opponents improve now I’m in the SFC but early on nothing to be impressed about with Vida, I don’t think he offered much and I was able to put him away quite quickly. I don’t want to give any disrespect but I don’t think he was ready for something like that. Going forward I’m sure I’ll face much tougher tests but I’m ready and I think I showed I should be someone to watch going forward”

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  • jRuutu
    14 October 2020 at 4:12 am

    Any fighter who beats a Swede is a friend of mine.

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