SFC Rules

I. Sim Engine

II. Fight Rules

III. Fighter Progression

IV. Gym Bylaws

V. Fight Schedule

VI. Fight Night

I. Sim Engine

The SFC is ran with on a program called UMMA. We chose to run it on this text based simulator, so that users have more control over fight strategies and will be able to see gradual growth as they progress their fighters over time.

For testing purposes you can go to the following to download: https://ultimatemmasimulator.wordpress.com/

II. Fight Rules

  • Fights will consist of (3) five-minute rounds.
  • Championship bouts will consist of (5) five-minute rounds.
  • You will be able to adjust your fight strategy up until 10 p.m. Eastern Time Zone the day before a scheduled sim.

III. Fighter Progression

Our goal is to provide the easiest experience in regards to growing your fighter. The lifetime of the fighter is variable depending on your ability to earn TPE throughout your career.

A. Sim Length – A sim year will consist of two real life weeks and one off week for file work and a special event. In this span you will have the ability to fight a maximum of four fights or a minimum of two scheduled SFC sanctioned events that count toward regression. Special event fights do not count towards regression, while title fights count as two fights toward regression.

B. Amateur Fighters – Every fighter created beyond S2, will start as an amateur fighting in at least four fights minimum before signing an SFC contract with an existing Gym. Whether your first or fifth fighter, ALL fighters begin as amateurs to ensure proper structure to the site. Bot fighters will be in place, however all amateur fights WILL NOT count against your professional record.

C. SFC Contracts – Upon completion of your fourth amateur fight, you may sign with a gym of your choice. This will not only deem you as an active SFC Fighter, but also will determine what three attributes can eventually rise above 18.

  1. Fighters may be contacted by another competing gym while under contract, but may not sign with a competing gym until their current contract expires or a gym closes down.

D. Earning TPE – There are varying ways to earn TPE within the SFC. It is our decision to make them easy for you and keep you in the league long term. Every week you will be able to earn TPE by doing the following tasks and don’t have to wait for it to be graded. Meet the criteria and claim immediately!

  1. Activity Check – What used to be an activity check is now a simple weekly sign in that will give you 6 TPE. Sometimes you may have to log out and log back in.
  2. Sim Attendance – Every fight night you can earn 1 TPE by simply posting a comment in the fight card thread with no cap on how much to earn per week.
  3. Weekly Predictions – Every Saturday night SFC event will have a predictions thread to complete. Get .5 TPE per correct guess.
  4. Job Pay – There will be a job board posted on Discord. Each job will get you 3 TPE on a weekly basis and will be deposited into your account every Sunday.

E. Applying TPE – In order to apply your TPE, go to the ‘Upgrade Your Fighter’ page and purchase the according amount of TPE to upgrade the specific attribute for your fighter. Once the correct amount of TPE is applied finish the checkout. This will put your update into a ‘Processing’ status.

F. Fighter Updates – Deadline is 11:59 p.m. Western Time Zone. Updates will get processed Sunday and Monday. Once your update is processed and your fighter page is updated, the status of the update will change to ‘On Hold’. Once entered into the sim engine, it will change to ‘Completed’.

G. Update Scale – To ensure a gradual progression, the following is being used for an update scale:

  • 4-7 = 1 TPE
  • 8-10 = 2 TPE
  • 11-15 = 4 TPE
  • 16-18 = 8 TPE
  • 19-20 = 16 TPE *can only be strength attributes
  • Updating WEAKNESS attributes costs double the TPE amounts and can’t be greater than 15.

H. Regression – Regression takes place to phase a fighter out upon going through the “prime” of their career. While many leagues garner this around seasons participated the SFC will regress based on fights fought and will be structured as follows:

  • After fight 28 : Lose 2 attribute points from every attribute
  • After fight 32 : Lose 3 attribute points from every attribute & once you lose 4 consecutive matches you will auto retire.
  • After fight 36 : Lose 5 attribute points from every attribute & once you lose 3 consecutive matches you will auto retire.
  • After fight 40 (You should be in the grave) : Lose 6 attribute points from every attribute & once you lose consecutive fights you will auto retire.
  • After fight 44: Lose 8 attribute points from every attribute & once you lose you will auto retire.
  • *Following the conclusion of the Saturday SFC event for the weekend before the conclusion of a season, a list of regressing fighters will be made and will be adjusted accordingly following updates being applied for that weekend.  Inactive fighters entering regression will automatically be retired, but the SFC reserves the rights to be used as Bot Fighters.

I. Fight Schedule

Day 1	Monday - Fighter Updates
Day 2	Tuesday - Site Work
Day 3	Wednesday - Fight Night
Day 4	Thursday - Fight Night
Day 5	Friday - Fight Night
Day 6	Saturday - Fight Night
Day 7	Sunday - Fighter Updates
Day 8	Monday- Fighter Updates
Day 9	Tuesday - Site Updates
Day 10	Wednesday - Fight Night
Day 11	Thursday - Fight Night
Day 12	Friday - Fight Night
Day 13	Saturday - Fight Night
Day 14	Sunday- Sparta Tournament or Olympiad
  1. Structure – Each SFC Year consists of two weeks in real life time.  Each fighter will be able to fight up to four times per year, but must fight a minimum of two scheduled events every two weeks.
  2. Olympiad – The Olympiad is for ALL ACTIVE fighters and they compete in a tournament within their weight class while fighting to earn a medal!
  3. Sparta Grand Prix – This tournament is for the best of the best and is also ran once every other SFC Year!  Each division will take the Top 8 fighters in the Rankings per class and have an elite tournament that not only tests skills, but endurance as well as fighter endurance is not fully replenished.  A tournament with no weight class, the winner will simply claim the honored title as the Sparta Champion!